Mr FREGON (Mount Waverley) (16:03): Today is a very important day for all Victorians. I was heartened to hear from the member for Benambra that we should not confuse the debate with partisanship. I welcome the debate. I welcome the bipartisanship and hope that that is what we see.

In my first speech in this house I talked about my aunty who lived with schizophrenia and was bipolar. As part of her extended family I did not live with that every day. My mother used to visit my aunty every day for years, and her direct family lived with that every day. It was something that at least taught me that mental health is normal, whether it be good or ill or otherwise. It is normal to need help. So hearing today about the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System report and knowing that we will take up every recommendation—I encourage the opposition to do the same—is important to not only my extended family but every family. Because in every family there is an Aunty Barb. In every family there is my friend Paul, who is no longer with us. In Dad’s shop I learned how to say, ‘How can I help?’, but now we know.