Mr FREGON (Mount Waverley) (09:55): I rise to congratulate two very much loved members of my community, Norm and Topsy Gibbs, who yesterday reached the milestone of a 70th wedding anniversary. Would you believe that? And a big clap for them. It is a fabulous achievement by two fantastic people. Norm, at the age of 93, if you do not mind, still turned up at Brentwood Secondary College to present the award to the community leader—and the award is named after him—because I was in here. He went out to the school, at 93, and presented the award. Everyone loves the guy, and Topsy is keeping him in line.

He is also a life member of a fantastic local volunteer group in my area, the South East Volunteers. Throughout last year, during the pandemic, I think my office called around 7000 seniors, and we were redirecting people to the South East Volunteers. They were making sure they had toilet paper; they were picking them up to go shopping when that was possible. Social inclusion is one of the things that they provide to all our seniors. It is a fantastic organisation. We could not live without them, and Norm is one of the members who brought these people into existence. I commend them.