Mr FREGON (Mount Waverley) (14:06:10): November is Ausmusic Month, and with that in mind, at early voting in 2018 there were a whole heap of people wondering if they were ever going to see my face again. No secrets come election day, and the results shook me all night long. These days turned out nothing like I had planned, but they did lead to My Happiness. I am now the voice of Mount Waverley, try and understand that. The Victorian people said to the Andrews Labor government: ‘Don’t change’. Come and see The Real Thing. Labor is delivering with all the Power and the Passion. We are delivering on our commitments. We have made Victoria the Education State. Before Too Long we will have a new VCE centre at Brentwood, dental vans in every school and subsidised three-year-old kinder for Most People I Know. For all my beautiful people, with our royal commission into mental health, I feel there will be Better Days ahead. We brought in workplace manslaughter laws, so to any dodgy boss out there: ‘Better get a lawyer, son, you better get a real good one’. Help is on its Way, we are getting a new ambulance station—Howzat! I am so caught up on buses and trains, a Wide Open Road—oh, and a Treaty, yeah. A shout-out to my sports clubs: I know next year we will be marching as one on the road to the Holy Grail. We will be Shipping Steel Down Under into Glen Waverley for the Suburban Rail Loop because we are planning Forever Now, and that’s the way it’s gonna be, little darlin’. Finally, a Message to My Girl, Bec—She’s a Genius—’Here we go, here we go for one more turn’, and I had Better Be Home Soon.