(Mount Waverley) (13:49): Last year at this time I noticed that November is Australian Music Month, and in a year when we proudly passed what is now the Gender Equality Act 2020 I noticed that my contribution mentioned Boys in Town. This year we said goodbye to Melbourne’s own Helen Reddy, so before I hear my female colleagues say, ‘I am woman, hear me roar’, I will be Brave as Everyone’s Waiting. What am I expected to do? Shout ‘Man Overboard’?

This year certainly had us Spinning Around. The pandemic has dominated our days. On a bad day we were Torn. As numbers went up we, like many places in the world, had to Lock It Up. My Island Home has been through a lot, and we would all have preferred it to have been Painless. None of us have been Untouched, and 2020 will quite possibly leave you with a Scar. But even during a pandemic our Big Build continues. We were Born to Try, and in April the Toorak Road level crossing was removed, amongst many. That day I thought On A Night Like This, Even When I’m Sleeping, the Andrews government is removing the Chains on our roads.

We have continued the greatest investment in education, but It’s Only the Beginning. Remote learning has been hard for our students and parents, and we are here thinking About You. We will tailor support that will be Made for You. In the midst of the worst we saw the best of ourselves. ‘We are all in this together’ became our new mantra. Our healthcare workers, our Ordinary People, became our heroes, each one our Superman Supergirl. We are Heading in the Right Direction. To absolutely everyone in the Mount Waverley district, I say: there is something very Special About You.