Members Statement


I would like to highlight 15 March this year as a special day for Mount Waverley’s own Clive and Glynis Windley. They will be celebrating their golden wedding anniversary next Friday. Clive spent his working life at the Age newspaper, following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather. Glynis, a career nurse, was sister in charge at the Oakleigh hospital. They have spent 50 years in our community, adopting their daughter Justine and son Christopher. In the words of their loving daughter, Justine:

They are the most caring and loving parents, who have always had time for me, my son, Jake, and everyone they know. Mum will drive for 3 hours to pick a friend up for an appointment or cheer them up.

Glynis and Clive have been hardworking and dedicated members of the Combined Probus Club of Syndal for many, many years. I wish the Windley family a wonderful day and congratulate them on their golden wedding anniversary.


Mr FREGON: On another matter, our school year is well and truly underway, and our preppies are off to a great start. Recently I had the pleasure of handing out library bags to the first years, including my own Sammy, at Mount Waverley North Primary School, Pinewood Primary School and Syndal South Primary School. For the first  time these bags included four fantastic books to help encourage a lifelong love of reading. The children loved their new bags and were so polite to me. A big thankyou to principals Natalie Grieve, Karen Jenkin and Helen Freeman for their warm welcome. I particularly liked a comment my wife overheard at the end of the day, when one of Sammy’s friends said, ‘Sam’s daddy must have so many books at home’