Members Statement


I am very happy to share that the Andrews Labor government is fulfilling another election commitment by providing $150 000 to fund the master plan for the redevelopment of Mount Waverley Reserve. The master plan will greatly benefit the three clubs who play on this reserve, the Waverley Blues Football Netball Club, the Mount Waverley Cricket Club and the Mount Waverley Tennis Club. Each club has not only been a permanent fixture in our community for many years but has also seen continued growth in participation, and it is fair to say that they have outgrown their facilities. I have had many a family day where all the food is served on the outside. I have also had many conversations with the clubs and my community regarding this reserve, and we have a great example here of how benefits do come about from working together. Their passion and commitment to providing the best for their players, members and our community is clear to us all, and I am proud to be able to help them get this crucial first step underway.

I wish to thank all the club presidents, coaches, players, families and volunteers who all come together to make this important step possible. A special shout-out to club presidents Stephen Pewtress, David Grossman and Andrew Rydell. Your shared vision for grassroots sport in Mount Waverley and your commitment to working together has been integral in ensuring this first step in getting the reserve developed has been achieved. I cannot wait to see your shared vision in its entirety.

While I am at it, a special happy birthday to the Waverley Blues, who in their current form will be celebrating their 21st birthday on 13 July.