Members Statement


I rise to extend my congratulations to an aspirational local business, the Melbourne Taekwondo Centre (MTC), and its legendary owner, Grand Master Jack Rozinszky, and congratulate Mr Rozinszky on receiving his 9th dan black belt from both Jidokwan and Kukkiwon, the latter of which he earned last year at the age of 79, if you do not mind! Mr Rozinszky was born in Hungary in 1940 and in 1958 migrated to Australia. He had a long interest in wrestling and gymnastics, and upon arriving he sought out places to learn martial arts such as judo and jujitsu, but there were limited opportunities. Jack was one of the early visitors to Korea to be trained in and learn the art of taekwondo from its instructors in its birthplace. This led to him forming friendships and lifelong relationships with many senior instructors of taekwondo today. Mr Rozinszky started the Melbourne Taekwondo Centre in 1963 and moved the club to the district we now know as Mount Waverley in 1979. The club is a family business success story. It is now managed by Mr Rozinszky and his son Andrew Rozinszky. In 2017 the club was awarded the top-ranked club by Kukkiwon Dojang. Now with many branches in Melbourne, MTC has produced multiple Olympic athletes and Australia’s first-ever world taekwondo champion, Carmen Marton. With three generations of Rozinszky black belts, dedicated instructors and numerous members, I have no doubt this club will remain a successful story. I congratulate the Rozinszky family on their club and wish them well.