Members Statement


Last month I was invited by the president of Hindi Niketan, Dr Rahul Gupta, to attend their annual VCE Hindi awards presentation night. Hindi Niketan is one of the oldest Indian community organisations in Victoria and has been serving the community for more than 20 years. Its dedicated volunteers spend their time and considerable efforts promoting Hindi language and culture. One of their many programs is to honour students who have passed Hindi language exams at VCE in the previous year, and our evening was filled with cultural performances, great food, slightly embarrassed late teens and their very proud parents and families. By promoting the Hindi language, Hindi Niketan is helping the younger generation to retain the link to their heritage. Among the awarded students that night was Amitav Madan, a top scorer in Hindi VCE 2018. Amitav’s mother Mrs Pratibha Madan was among the proud parents snapping away pictures.


On another note, Pratibha is an artist based in my electorate. She moved from India to Melbourne with her husband and two children in 2016 and continues to pursue her passion for art, which reflects strongly on Indian culture and traditions. Her work is the embodiment of a vibrant union of traditional Indian art, folk art and western styles. In March Pratibha organised the smART small works art exhibition, and I was honoured to help open the exhibition at the Track Gallery inside the Mount Waverley Community Centre. The exhibition presented artworks by more than 20 local artists and was a great opportunity for artists in our community to showcase their vibrant talents. I also thank Pratibha for allowing me to hang one of her beautiful creations in my office.