FREGON (Mount Waverley) (19:23): (2616) My adjournment matter for this evening is for the Minister for Public Transport, and the action I seek is that the minister provide an update to the house on the proposed upgrades to Jordanville station. I was very pleased last year to inform my Mount Waverley constituents that the budget included 40 new and upgraded carparks for Jordanville station, and of course any increase in parking at any station is a great thing but especially at Jordanville, where the road surface outside the station entrance is due for a bit of a redo. This was something that Mount Waverley commuters had raised with me, and I was very happy to inform them that this would be addressed. So you can imagine my delight when the minister announced that Jordanville station would also be included in the $23 million upgrade to stations and shelters across the network. This is part of our massive building blitz that will help kickstart our economy.


Mr Fowles: Massive!


Mr FREGON: I will take that—massive. It will provide jobs and at the same time improve the accessibility and amenity of our train stations. My constituents and I are looking forward to the minister’s response.