Constituency Question- Renewable Energy, Local Jobs

Mr FREGON (Mount Waverley) (12:52): (1862) My constituency question is for the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change, and I ask: how is the Andrews Labor government’s Victorian renewable energy target helping create jobs for my constituents in Mount Waverley?


Recently I welcomed the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change to the Wilson Transformer Company in Glen Waverley. We got to see firsthand a locally built 125-tonne transformer developed for the Mortlake South wind farm. It was proudly manufactured in the Mount Waverley district. The purchase of the electrical transformers for windfarms contributes to the achievement of our local content target, supporting our local industries and encouraging further growth. Renewable energy does not only help support the government to combat climate change but is empowering the economy by creating jobs, new industry and new technology. I also dropped back on Sunday night at 11.00 pm to wave goodbye and see the truck off for the start of its voyage to Mortlake—another delivery for all Victorians.