Bus Route 733

Mr FREGON (Mount Waverley) (17:28): (5860) My adjournment matter this evening is for the Minister for Public Transport. Recently I met with the Public and Active Transport Victoria group, who are very passionate about Melbourne’s public transport system and in particular our bus network. To date our government, the Andrews Labor government, has obviously shown a continued commitment to improving our public transport network, and that is why we have been removing and continue to remove dangerous and congested level crossings. It is why we are building the Metro Tunnel—and the Minister for Transport Infrastructure is there basking in the beauty of the Metro Tunnel as it gets dug underneath us—why we are untangling the city loop to run more trains more often and why we are fixing our suburban and regional roads and rail lines. It is to get Victorians home to their families safer and sooner wherever they live, including our own Monash—and the Forster Road bridge is looking fantastic at the moment, by the way. Thank you, Minister.

Our bus services are an essential part of the network, and so the action I seek from the minister is to ask the Department of Transport to investigate what options might be available to improve the services along the 733 bus route. The route departs from Oakleigh station and travels via Clayton, Monash Uni and Mount Waverley before terminating in Box Hill. Route 733 has 78 stops, and the total trip duration of this route is approximately 58 minutes. Route 733 provides a vital link for Melburnians living and working in suburbs not currently serviced directly by our train network but which will be when the Suburban Rail Loop comes in not too far away. Now, I look forward to the minister’s response and reporting the findings back to my constituents and to the Public and Active Transport Victoria group, who are very interested in our district.