Adjournment – Glen Waverley Railway Station


The matter I wish to raise is for the attention of the Minister for Public Transport. The action I seek is that the minister join me at Glen Waverley train station. Glen Waverley station is at the end of the Glen Waverley line and is a major hub for our commuters. I would like to show the minister some of the station’s amenities and potential options for future improvements to the station that would benefit all our commuters. The Glen Waverley station will be a major hub in the Suburban Rail Loop, a project which only the Andrews Labor government has the capacity to see through from planning to reality. This project will connect our district to our universities, our hospitals, our entertainment and dining centres and even the airport via rail. I would also note that even the Prime Minister has now jumped on board to borrow from our Premier’s infrastructure credibility. The people of Mount Waverley district voted for this great project to connect our state and to slash congestion, and I know our government will deliver on this and all of its commitments.